Under the Authority of Macon Missionary Baptist Church

You will be asked to sign an agreement such as the one below at the time of registration.

This agreement is entered into on the date below between Macon Christian Academy and the parents and child/children below. I understand that this is a school year tuition, NOT a weekly fee. Payment is due if student is absent or present, or MCA is open or closed. I understand that a designated amount is due, and I further agree that the balance is to be kept up to date by making payments weekly, monthly, etc. so as to not be delinquent. A balance which goes past the last day of the month will be charged a 10% late charge. A balance which goes beyond $600 will result in the dismissal of the child/children. I/We further agree that any expense that Macon Christian Academy may incur on collecting the tuition or any fees will be the parent’s responsibility to pay. By signing below I/we agree to all these terms. This agreement may be broken by MCA for things such as, but not limited to, disciplinary reasons, non-payment; or may be broken by the parent, provided payment(s) are up to date.