Under the Authority of Macon Missionary Baptist Church

Below is a list of questions and answers. If you don’t see your question, contact Wayne Deering or keep checking because we will be updating this page with questions as they come to us.

What grades are being offered? Pre-K – Grade 12
What will be the curriculum? Pre-K and Kindergarten Abeka Book; Grades 1-12 Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E)
Will lunch be offered? Because of a lack of space, we will not be providing lunch in the first years. Students will be asked to bring thier lunch.
Will transportation be offered? Parents will need to provide transportation to and from school.
Will SPED be offered? Not at the beginning; maybe sometime in the future.
Will corporal punishment be administered? Discipline will be administered appropriately and with love; with corporal punishment as an option when necessary.
Will there be a dress code? We feel that the parents will know what is appropriate, therefore we will not enforce a dress code unless it becomes necessary.
Will there be prayer in school? YES
Will Bible be part of the curriculum? There will be a Bible lesson taught everyday in every class. Also the A Beka Book uses Bible verses in many lessons.
Will there be chapel? Yes, we will have services (chapel) weekly during the school day. We will ask a Missionary Baptist Preacher, or Sunday School Teacher to come in and have preaching, or teach a Bible lesson, and gospel singing at least once a week.