Under the Authority of Macon Missionary Baptist Church

Macon Christian Academy, under the authority of Macon Missionary Baptist Church, will begin its 8th school year on August 14th, 2017.

Macon Christian Academy is an Approved Category IV School by the Tennessee State Department of Education, which meets the standards defined by T.C.A. 49-50-801, Church-related schools. Tennessee Code 1-3-118 – Recognition of high school diplomas from church-related schools and home schools. (a) Notwithstanding any rule, regulation or other law to the contrary, a high school diploma awarded by a school as defined by § 49-50-801 or § 49-6-3050 in recognition of completion of secondary educational requirements shall be considered by all departments, agencies, commissions or other such entities of state and local government as having all the rights and privileges of a high school diploma awarded by a public school system.

Anyone feeling led to make donations to this project can do so at Whittemore’s Bookkeeping, 1020 Scottsville Road, Lafayette, TN 37083.