Under the Authority of Macon Missionary Baptist Church

Book fees for Pre-K are due July 15th, all other classes are due on August 3rd.

Grade Book Fee
Pre-K 2 $ 40.00
Pre-K 3 $ 60.00
Pre-K 4 $ 80.00
Kindergarten $160.00
1st Grade $200.00
Grades 2-4 $240.00
Grades 5-8 $260.00
Grades 9-12 $280.00

Pre-K Book Fees MUST be paid by July 15th. If registration occurs after July 15th, Book Fee must be paid at time of registration.
K-12 Book fees must be paid in full by July 15th as we must order the books to ensure they are delivered by the beginning of school. You may make payments on the Book Fee throughout the summer months. We cannot order your child’s books until it is paid in full.

These Book Fees not only cover the cost of books, it also includes helps cover costs copy paper, toner, and other miscellaneous paper supplies.
This fee does not include costs of required standardized testing and the Literature Books that are required reading in certain classes.